Commissioning Articles On Alan Ayckbourn And His Plays

Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website accepts commissions for original articles about Alan Ayckbourn and his plays suitable for programmes (professional and amateur companies), specialist publications and print-media (newspaper & magazine) articles.

All commissions are written to order by Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd, who has written articles for the world premieres, West End productions, major revivals and tours of Alan Ayckbourn's plays.

He has also been responsible for several anniversary publications on the playwright and is also a regular feature writer for the Stephen Joseph Theatre's quarterly friends magazine, the
SJT Circular; which he relaunched and co-edited between 2011 and 2013.

Simon is the administrator of Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website, which he founded in 2002 and for which he has provided the vast majority of original articles and research. He is also the author of the book
Unseen Ayckbourn.

Simon Murgatroyd is considered an expert on Alan Ayckbourn and is also responsible for press and media enquiries regarding the playwright and his plays. He welcomes any enquires regarding possible articles and commissions.

As Simon is also employed by Alan Ayckbourn, it means all articles are endorsed with all commissioned articles submitted to Alan Ayckbourn's company Haydonning Ltd for approval.

Original Commissions

The website welcomes enquiries regarding original commissions for articles pertaining to Alan Ayckbourn and his plays. All articles are written by Alan's archivist Simon Murgatroyd and a list of examples of previous commissions can be found in the right hand column.

Simon's particular field of expertise is the historical context of Alan Ayckbourn's plays, but he has written numerous articles about many different aspects of Alan Ayckbourn's plays and career and welcomes the opportunity to discuss any commission proposals and ideas. He has also interviewed the playwright numerous times and has a selection of interview material which can also be used in commissioned articles.

All articles (except for reproductions - see below) are bespoke and written to meet the criteria and specific needs of the commissioning body. Subjects can be as varied as specific plays, production histories, genres of work, themes of the plays and the playwright himself amongst other subjects.

For many plays, Simon is also able to arrange for images to illustrate the articles or to provide details of existing photographs and who to contact with regard to reproducing them.

Original articles are priced at £200 per 1,000 words. If you would like find out more about how to commission original articles from Simon Murgatroyd, contact him via the contact details below or visit his website

Previous Commissions

Simon Murgatroyd has written extensively about Alan Ayckbourn with articles for West End productions, Ayckbourn world premieres and other notable productions of the playwright's work.

He has also written numerous articles regarding Alan Ayckbourn and his plays for this website as well as interviewed the playwright on many different occasions. Most of these articles are also available for reproduction.

If you would like to reproduce an existing article by Simon Murgatroyd, there is a small fee which also includes minor alterations to make the piece more specific to the commissioning venue as well as updating the piece if necessary.

If you would like find out more about how to reproduce existing articles from Simon Murgatroyd, please contact him via the contact details below.

Contacting Simon Murgatroyd