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News / What's On: The latest Alan Ayckbourn news alongside listings for professional UK productions.
Events: Details of events featuring Sir Alan Ayckbourn and Ayckbourn-related events.
Twitter / Blog: The website's official Twitter and Blog with Ayckbourn news and links.
Updates / FAQs: A guide to new additions and updates to the website and website FAQs.
Ayckbourn FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions concerning Alan Ayckbourn and his career.
Play Index: An alphabetical index (with links) to every play written by Alan Ayckbourn.
Administrator: Details of the website administrator Simon Murgatroyd including contact details.
Credits: Contributions and donations to the website.
Contact us: Contact the website with your Ayckbourn related enquiry.
Press Enquiries: Contacts and resources for press, media and marketing enquiries.
Commissions: How to commission original articles on Alan Ayckbourn from the website.
Dick & Lottie: The website is the patron of the UK's only Ayckbourn educated drama company.
Search: A search engine for the entire website.
Copyright: Details of copyright and reproduction of material from the website.


Long Biography: An extended and official biography of Alan Ayckbourn’s life.
Short Biography: A condensed biography, suitable for reproduction in programmes.
Chronology: A timeline of Alan Ayckbourn's life and career.
Awards: Significant awards and honours received by Alan Ayckbourn.
20 Facts: All you need to know about Alan Ayckbourn in 20 facts.
Ayckbourn FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions concerning Alan Ayckbourn and his career.
Influences: A look at some of the significant people who have influenced Alan Ayckbourn.
Careers: A link to the Careers subsection exploring Alan Ayckbourn's various professional careers.


Careers Timeline: A chronological guide to Alan Ayckbourn's various professional careers in theatre and for the BBC.
Playwriting: Facts and figures about Alan Ayckbourn's playwriting.
An in-depth sub-section examining Alan Ayckbourn’s directing career including details of every production he has directed.
Acting: An in-depth sub-section examine Alan Ayckbourn’s acting career including details about every play he professionally acted in.
Artistic Director: An in-depth sub-section examining Alan Ayckbourn's career with the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
BBC: A brief guide to Alan Ayckbourn's career as a radio drama producer for the BBC.
National Theatre: A brief guide to Alan Ayckbourn's work at the National Theatre from 1986 to 1988.


Encyclopedia: A comprehensive alphabetical guide with links to Alan Ayckbourn's career and plays.
Dates: A comprehensive guide with links to significant dates in Alan Ayckbourn's career.


Play Index: Index page to access individual in-depth sections for every Ayckbourn play.
The Definitive Playlist: A definitive list of all Alan Ayckbourn’s plays and published works.
Play Premieres: A guide to the world, London, Broadway and North American premieres of the plays.
Play Availability: Details of production availability, cast breakdowns and running times for the plays.
Performing Rights: Details of where to obtain performing rights and frequently asked production questions.
Unseen Ayckbourn: A supplement to the published book Unseen Ayckbourn.
Contact Us: Contact the website with your Ayckbourn production related enquiries.

Every play Alan Ayckbourn has written has its own subsection within the
Plays section of the website with pages on each play's background and plot as well as quotes and articles by Alan Ayckbourn, major production details, world premiere reviews, reading lists and other pages.


Publication News: A guide to forthcoming and recent Ayckbourn publications.
A complete guide to the published versions of Alan Ayckbourn’s plays.
Collections: A guide to collected editions of Alan Ayckbourn’s plays.
Digital: A guide to Alan Ayckbourn's plays and books available as ebooks.
Ayckbourn Books: A guide to books primarily about Alan Ayckbourn and his career.
General Books: A guide to other publications which contain significant information on Alan Ayckbourn.
Contributions: A guide to contributions to published works and programmes written by Alan Ayckbourn.
Unseen Ayckbourn: Details of the website's first book looking at Alan Ayckbourn's withdrawn, unpublished and unwritten plays.
Unpublished Plays: Details of Alan Ayckbourn's unpublished plays including future publication details.
The Shop: The place to buy plays by and books about Alan Ayckbourn as well as his plays in other media.

Film, TV & Radio

Television: A guide to television adaptations of Alan Ayckbourn’s plays.
Radio: A guide to radio recordings of Alan Ayckbourn’s plays.
Film: A guide to the film adaptations of Alan Ayckbourn's plays.
Audiobook: A guide to commercial audio recordings of Alan Ayckbourn’s plays.
Musicals: A guide to audio recordings of Alan Ayckbourn’s musicals.
Incidental Music: A guide to audio recordings of incidental music for Ayckbourn plays and films.
Documentaries: A listing of major television and radio documentaries about Alan Ayckbourn.

Interviews / Articles / Research

Ayckbourn Interviews: Interviews - current and archive - with Alan Ayckbourn.
Articles by Alan Ayckbourn:
Articles about Alan Ayckbourn, his play & career by the playwright.
Articles by Simon Murgatroyd: Articles about Alan Ayckbourn, his play & career by his Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd.
Articles Index: Index to published interviews with Alan Ayckbourn since 1963.
Actors Index: A guide to actors who have appeared in significant Ayckbourn productions.
Influences: A look at some of the significant people who have influenced Alan Ayckbourn.
Archive Collections: A guide to using the major archive collections in the UK relating to Alan Ayckbourn.
University of York: A guide to The Ayckbourn Archive at the University Of York.
Stephen Joseph Theatre: A guide to the Alan Ayckbourn collection at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
Manchester University: Details of the Stephen Joseph papers held at Manchester University.
British Library: A guide to Alan Ayckbourn material held at the British Library.
Staffordshire University: A guide to the Victoria Theatre collection at Staffordshire University.
Ayckbourn Website: A brief guide to some of the resources available on this website.
Research Enquiries: Contact Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist with your Ayckbourn-related research enquiries.

The Shop

The Ayckbourn Shop - in conjunction with - with play-scripts, books about Alan Ayckbourn, DVDs, blu-rays, audiobooks and ebooks.

Scarborough In The Round

A sister-site with in-depth details about the history of Alan Ayckbourn's home theatre, the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

The Stephen Joseph Website

A sister-site with in-depth details about Alan Ayckbourn's most influential mentor.