Press Release: Alan Ayckbourn appointed Director Emeritus at the Stephen Joseph Theatre

Alan Ayckbourn: Director Emeritus

Sir Alan Ayckbourn has been appointed Director Emeritus of the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, recognising his long association with the company.
It marks the first time such an appointment has been made by the Stephen Joseph Theatre and recognises Sir Alan's many achievements with the SJT as well as his commitment to the stage and regional theatre.
The accolade was announced on 20 April 2018 at the SJT and Sir Alan admitted it was something he was very proud to receive.
“I’m delighted to accept the title of Director Emeritus of the SJT - even though I had to ask what ‘Emeritus’ meant!”
Director Emeritus is an honorary accolade which denotes the perpetual status of an individual who has moved an organisation to new heights. In this case, it recognises Sir Alan's more than six decades work with the company and his many contributions and achievements.
Artistic Director Paul Robinson said it right to recognise the achievements of Sir Alan and his long-standing and ongoing relationship with the SJT.
"It is my pleasure to announce that Alans has been appointed Director Emeritus. On one level it recognises the huge debt the Stephen Joseph Theatre owed him, a debt of sixty years and counting of distinguished service. It is not just about the past. It also serves as to recognise that the relationship with the theatre is closer than ever, thriving in fact. We are looking forward to working with Alan in ever new and exciting ways in the future.:"
Sir Alan Ayckbourn joined what was then the Library Theatre in Scarborough in 1957 as an acting stage manager. His first play,
The Square Cat, premiered there in 1959 and he began directing professionally with the company in 1961. Following the death of the company's founder and Alan's most influential mentor, Stephen Joseph, in 1967, he was appointed the Artistic Director off the company in 1972. He retired from the role in 2009 after 37 years guiding the company.
During his time as Artistic Director, he was responsible for the move of the company to the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round at Westwood and, in 1996, moving the company to its first permanent and present home, the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Of his 82 plays, 78 have been premiered with the company where he continues to premiere and direct his work.
Sir Alan's latest play,
Better Off Dead, will open in September at the SJT and run alongside a revival of his classic 1978 play Joking Apart, both will be directed by the playwright.

Better Off Dead can be seen at the Stephen Joseph Theatre from 6 September to 6 October running in repertory with Joking Apart which will run from 26 July - 4 October. Further details and bookings can be found at

Updated on 19 May 2018.

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