Alan Ayckbourn’s Official Website Supporters / Dedications

Within the plays section, a number of the plays feature banners relating to supporters of the website or dedications to people. The banners relate specifically to this website - they do not reflect whom Alan Ayckbourn may have actually dedicated the play to. Each banner reflects the specific person's interest in a specific play and is supportive of the website rather than the actual play.

The 'supported by' banners are for visitors to the site who have made a contribution towards the running of the website. The 'Dedicated to' banners are given by the website administrator to people who have done significant work with the website and the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

The banners are completely separate from the playwright Alan Ayckbourn and do not reflect his dedications or thoughts for the plays; they are purely an expression of thanks from this website to various supporters. If you are interested in supporting the website, please contact Simon Murgatroyd at:

Please note, this website does not accept advertising or sponsorship from businesses or organisations of any kind.

Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website Supporters & Dedications

Absent Friends: John Cotgrave
Arrivals & Departures: Geofferson
Bedroom Farce: John Chapman
Comic Potential: Mike Linham
Damsels In Distress: John & Linda Sutton
Henceforward…: Simon Murgatroyd
House & Garden: Geofferson
Improbable Fiction: Richard McArtney
Intimate Exchanges: Geofferson
Man Of The Moment: Martin Rossen
The Norman Conquests: Geofferson
Private Fears In Public Places: Dick & Lottie Theatre Company
Relatively Speaking: Lamont Hill
Roundelay: Geofferson
Season's Greetings: Phil Butterfield
Surprises: Lizzie Glazier
Table Manners: Valerie Stack Dodge
Things We Do For Love: Brett Bayne
Time & Time Again: Jaye Lewis
Woman In Mind: Maria Sykes
One Act Plays: Brett Bayne
Plays For Children: Brett Bayne

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