Alan Ayckbourn’s Official Website Supporters / Dedications

Within the plays section, a number of the plays feature banners relating to supporters of the website or dedications to people. The banners relate specifically to this website - they do not reflect whom Alan Ayckbourn may have actually dedicated the play to. Each banner reflects the specific person's interest in a specific play and is supportive of the website rather than the actual play.

The 'supported by' banners are for visitors to the site who have made a contribution towards the running of the website.

The 'Dedicated to' banners are given by the website administrator to people as a personal thank you for work in connection with myself, the website, Alan Ayckbourn and / or the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

The banners are completely separate from the playwright Alan Ayckbourn and do not reflect his dedications or thoughts for the plays; they are purely an expression of thanks from this website to various supporters. If you are interested in supporting the website, please contact Simon Murgatroyd at:

Please note, this website does not accept advertising or sponsorship from businesses or organisations of any kind.

Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website Supporters & Dedications

Absent Friends: John Cotgrave
Absurd Person Singular: Jeannie Swales
Arrivals & Departures: Geofferson
Bedroom Farce: John Chapman
Comic Potential: Mike Linham
Damsels In Distress: John & Linda Sutton
Henceforward…: Simon Murgatroyd
House & Garden: Geofferson
Improbable Fiction: Richard McArtney
Intimate Exchanges: Geofferson
Man Of The Moment: Martin Rossen
Neighbourhood Watch: Mo Murgatroyd
The Norman Conquests: Geofferson
Private Fears In Public Places: Dick & Lottie Theatre Company
Relatively Speaking: Lamont Hill
Roundelay: Geofferson
Season's Greetings: Phil Butterfield
Surprises: Lizzie Glazier
Table Manners: Valerie Stack Dodge
Things We Do For Love: Brett Bayne
Time & Time Again: Jaye Lewis
Woman In Mind: Maria Sykes
One Act Plays: Brett Bayne
Plays For Children: Brett Bayne

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