Your Experiences With Alan Ayckbourn

The website is launching a new initiative to gather people's experiences working with Alan Ayckbourn and your thoughts on the playwright and how he might have inspired you and what he has contributed to theatre over the decades. We have examples of questions below, which can act either as a guide or just send us whatever you would like to write, no matter how short or long.

Our aim is to create a permanent resource of experiences and memories of people who have worked with Sir Alan to share with Sir Alan and everyone who enjoys his work. Everything submitted will also be placed in the Ayckbourn Archive for future posterity as well as being reproduced on this website.

During these difficult times and as we await for theatres to re-open and the opportunity to see Sir Alan's latest works and enjoy his existing plays, it's a chance to celebrate the work of the playwright.

We're also interested in hearing from people who may just have been inspired by Alan Ayckbourn and his plays and would welcome your thoughts too.

How To Submit Your Experiences & Thoughts

If you would like to submit a experience or thought about Sir Alan, you can either do it via the Your Experiences page (click on the link in the left-hand column) or just contact Simon Murgatroyd at You can use this address just to send a memory of your experiences or use the following questions as a guide-line.

Please indicate in correspondence whether you are happy to have your memory reproduced on the website or would just like it held in archive.

Example Questions

What is your first experience of Alan Ayckbourn or his plays and what are your memories of it?

What are your thoughts on working with Alan Ayckbourn?

What is your favourite memory of working with Alan Ayckbourn?

What do you feel Alan Ayckbourn has contributed to theatre?

If you have any queries, please contact Simon via

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