Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website: Credits & Contributions

Obviously this site would not exist without Alan Ayckbourn. So thank-you to Alan Ayckbourn and Heather Stoney for their continued support and encouragement.

And in no particular order, the rest of the unusual suspects who have contributed in some way to the web-site or offered invaluable support to either myself or the website.

My wonderful girls, Kate and Sarah; Mo Thwaites; Stephanie Tucker (for continued inspiration); Albert-Reiner-Glaap; Lizzie Glazier; Jaye Lewis; Richard McArtney & John Cotgrave; Ed & Greg Martin; Michael Mooney; Ian and Jean Murgatroyd; Rob Shearman; Jeannie Swales; Sue Warren.

Thanks also to the photographers Tony Bartholomew, James Drawneek and Andrew Higgins for their contributions and support of the site.

Contributions & Donations

The following people and organisations have contributed to or made donations to help develop the website since 2002.

Sir Alan and Lady Heather Ayckbourn
Tony Bartholomew
Brett Bayne
Elizabeth Bell
John Chapman
John Cotgrave & Richard McArtney
Ossie Ellis
Paul Elsam
David & Eileen Fowler
Kelly Gilbert
Lizzie Glazier
Geoffrey Heselton
Geoff Legan
Jaye Lewis
Mike Linham
David Metcalfe
Michael T. Mooney
Stephanie Tucker

A.S. Green & Co.
Faber & Faber
Haydonning Ltd.
Samuel French Ltd

Website Supporters

Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website is a free resource. Contributions are welcomed though to help maintain and develop the website. This predominantly takes place through support of the 'plays' within the website.

If you are interesting in supporting the website, please visit the Support the Website page

Website Supporters
Brett Bayne
Phil Butterfield
John Chapman
John Cotgrave
Dick & Lottie
Mike Linham
Richard McArtney
Michael T. Mooney
Simon Murgatroyd
Martin Rossen
Valerie Stack Dodge

John & Linda Sutton
Maria Sykes
With special thanks to Michael T. Mooney and the donation of his personal archive in 2016.

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