Frequently Asked Questions: What's On Listings & Policies

This page Frequently Asked Questions regarding the website's What's On page and policies. If you have any other questions, please contact the website via the Contact Us Page.

Production Listings On The Website

Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website tries to carry as comprehensive a list of forthcoming Ayckbourn productions and events in the UK as possible via the What's On Page

However, the website is entirely reliant on individual companies informing us of productions. We do not receive automatic notification of forthcoming productions - either professional or amateur - from either Sir Alan's agent or the licensing agents nor do we search the website for forthcoming productions.

The only way to ensure your production is listed on the site is to get in touch with us via with details of the production. If we're not told about it, the chances are we don't know about it and can't list it.

What's On / Listings FAQs

Who do you carry listings for?
We carry listings on the What's On page for both professional and amateur companies presenting Ayckbourn productions and events.

How do I get a production onto the What's On page?
Just email the details of the production (play name, dates and venue) to: and we'll update the listings with the details as soon as possible.

Don't you automatically get sent details of any professional / amateur productions?
No. Whilst it is frequently assumed that either the website or Alan Ayckbourn is automatically made aware of every production of his plays, this is not the case. We are generally aware of most (but not all) professional productions of Alan Ayckbourn's plays, but receive no details of amateur productions.

Why doesn't the website just search the internet for Ayckbourn production listings?
Between the family of Ayckbourn websites, there are more than 4.500 pages all maintained and updated by one person as just one small part of their responsibilities. There is neither the time nor resources for the site to compile its own listings as well as there being no single comprehensive source of reliable information pertaining to either professional or amateur productions to draw the information from.

Will you Tweet / Retweet details of the production?
Generally, no. The Ayckbourn Twitter page is predominantly concentrated on alerting people to online articles relating to Alan Ayckbourn or to productions / events specifically relating to Alan Ayckbourn (i.e. productions he has directed or events he is involved in).

Why isn't my production listed on the What's On page?
Generally speaking because we probably haven't been made aware of it. If we aren't informed by the producing company, the chances are we don't know about it. Please email details to: If you have submitted details, you will have received an acknowledgment from the website (if no acknowledgment has been received, we haven't received the email) and the listing should appear within several days of being submitted.

Why don't you carry more details on the listings page?
Space and time. We have neither the space nor time in go into detail about productions. Previous experience also suggests visitors to the site just want the basics. If they are interested, they will seek further details themselves. The website is also primarily a research resource and its main concern is providing information about Alan Ayckbourn and his plays.

Why does the website promote productions by Dick & Lottie and the Stephen Joseph Theatre but not other companies?
The website is the patron of Dick & Lottie and, as a result, obviously endorses and promotes the company's productions. The patronage was offered as a result of the company's long-term commitment to Alan Ayckbourn's plays and the quality of the productions leading to a recognition of the company's efforts and dedication. The Stephen Joseph Theatre is Alan Ayckbourn's home theatre with which he has been associated since 1957 and where the vast majority of his work has been premiered. As a result, its Ayckbourn productions are promoted.

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