Alan Ayckbourn: Interview Requests

This page contains details for interview requests with Alan Ayckbourn from the Press & Media.
It is important to note that Sir Alan has been focusing on reducing his interviews and concentrating them on his own forthcoming productions in recent years. Section 3) below lists subjects most likely to be approved for interview.

1) How To Request An Interview

Depending on the subject, there are four first port of calls.

i) Forthcoming Ayckbourn directed productions at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough: To request interviews about Alan Ayckbourn's forthcoming productions, contact Jeannie Swales, Press Officer at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, via: or calling 07968 953737.

iI) Forthcoming Ayckbourn directed productions at other venues: To request interviews about Alan Ayckbourn's forthcoming productions at venues other than the SJT, please, contact Simon Murgatroyd, via: Please do NOT email Simon with enquiries about interviews for productions not directed by Alan Ayckbourn.

iiI) Forthcoming West End productions of Alan Ayckbourn's plays: Contact the marketing company promoting the production. Please note, neither this website, the Stephen Joseph Theatre nor the playwright hold these details.

iv) Other Enquiries: Contact Alan Ayckbourn's Media Administrator, Simon Murgatroyd, via:

2) How Not To Request An Interview

i) Please do not attempt to contact Sir Alan via social media (Twitter, Facebook etc) to request an interview. These requests will be either ignored or immediately declined. Sir Alan does not engage with social media nor is it regularly checked.

ii) Requests for video-call interviews (Zoom, Skype etc) will generally be declined. Sir Alan does not enjoy video-calls and tends to avoid interview requests on them.

3) Tips For Successful Requesting An Interview

i) Interviews regarding Sir Alan's own self-directed, forthcoming productions - particularly those he directs at the Stephen Joseph Theatre - are more likely to be accepted.

ii) Interviews regarding productions of his own plays, but which he is not directing, are unlikely to be accepted.

iii) Non-production enquiries regarding the Stephen Joseph Theatre will generally be redirected to either the Artistic Director, Paul Robinson, or the Executive Director, Caroline Routh.

iv) Generally, 'state of the British theatre' requests will be declined as Sir Alan feels he is an inappropriate person to ask given he is not directly involved in running a theatre, has little direct involvement with theatres nor has the necessary knowledge relating to current theatre events.

v) Lifestyle related interviews will always be declined.

vi) Political-related subjects will always be declined.

vii) Last minute or short notice interviews will generally always be declined.

4) Interview Formats

Sir Alan prefers in-person or email interviews. He will, if necessary, do telephone interviews. Generally he will decline video-call requests such as Zoom and Skype.

5) Further Information and Enquiries

If you have any queries about anything on this page, please email Sir Alan's Media Administrator, Simon Murgatroyd, via: Also check the Press / Media FAQs page.

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