Alan Ayckbourn: Press & Media FAQs

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions relating to press / media enquiries about Alan Ayckbourn and his plays.

Who should I contact regarding interviews with Sir Alan Ayckbourn?
Interview enquiries are generally handled by Sir Alan's Media Administrator Simon Murgatroyd. Further details regarding interview requests can be found here.

Please note: With more than 60 years professional experience, Sir Alan is increasingly limiting the number of interviews he grants each year. Generally speaking, he will only consider interviews which are related to his own forthcoming productions.

Where can I obtain a photograph of Sir Alan Ayckbourn for press / media usage?
Email Simon Murgatroyd at, he can provide images for publicity / press / media / usage as well as answer any related enquiries.

Why can't the Stephen Joseph Theatre help with general press enquiries?
Since Alan Ayckbourn stepped down as the SJT's Artistic Director in 2009 and became Director Emeritus, the SJT's press officer is now only dealing with requests directly pertaining to Sir Alan's work at the SJT. Any other enquiries will be forwarded to Simon Murgatroyd.

Who should I contact regarding forthcoming Ayckbourn productions not at the Stephen Joseph Theatre?
In these cases, please contact the venue where the production is taking place - or in the case of a tour or the West End, the producer of the show. Neither this website nor the SJT can provide details about productions Sir Alan is not involved in.

Can I reproduce articles from the website?
Permission to reproduce articles from this website should always be applied for from the website administrator. Generally, permission will be granted, providing a specified copyright and credit is attributed; occasionally there is a reproduction fee for articles. Please send enquiries to

Who should I contact about commissioning original articles about Alan Ayckbourn and his plays?
Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd, is able to provide original commissions regarding Alan Ayckbourn and has written extensively for the World and West End premieres of the playwright's plays as well as generating them majority of original research material for Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website. Contact Simon via

I have research enquires about Sir Alan Ayckbourn and / or his plays, who should I contact?
Contact Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist Simon Murgatroyd at for help with general research enquires about the playwright and his work.

How many plays has Alan Ayckbourn written?
As of 2024, Alan Ayckbourn has written 90 full-length plays.

Where can I find the answers to more general FAQs about Sir Alan Ayckbourn?
The website's general FAQs section can be found here.

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