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World Premiere Announced For The Lake District in 2022

For the first time in 35 years, a new Ayckbourn play will be premiering outside of his adopted home town of Scarborough.

In 2022, the playwright will be premiering his 86th full-length play -
All Lies - at The Old Laundry Theatre, Bowness-on-Windermere, as part of the venue's 30th anniversary celebrations. It will run from 5 - 21 May and tickets are on sale now.

The playwright, who has close ties to The Old Laundry Theatre, said about bringing
All Lies to the venue: “I originally wrote All Lies as a small-scale show during lockdown, but because I’m already involved in writing another new play for my home theatre, the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, I thought that rather than waste All Lies, I’d offer it to The Old Laundry. What is nice is this is a world premiere and it is The Old Laundry’s world premiere.”

The Old Laundry Theatre’s Directors, Roger and his theatre producer wife Charlotte Scott said: “We are delighted to be working with Alan Ayckbourn once again, producing the world premiere of
All Lies to be directed by Sir Alan here at the Old Laundry. We have enjoyed sharing an Alan Ayckbourn play with our audiences almost every year since we opened 30 years ago, so it is fitting that this year, to mark our special anniversary we can share this world premiere of All Lies. In 1991 when we bought the redundant Edwardian Laundry, with the intention of designing and building The World of Beatrix Potter, we realised some of the space could provide a perfect fit for a theatre. The Beatrix Potter exhibition wasn’t big enough to fill the whole building, and after working with Alan Ayckbourn at the Stephen Joseph theatre in Scarborough we noticed that the space we had left would make a similarly perfect theatre in the round. At the time we asked Alan if he would be willing to bring some of his shows if we opened a theatre and he joked, ‘why not? we will all be dead soon’, so we went ahead with the project and in a matter of months the Old Laundry Theatre was open. Ever since then, Alan has a very big fan base and there is always a great buzz around his shows. We are very lucky he has kept his promise and sent a new show almost every season.”

All Lies promises to be a fun evening of entertainment exploring the lies and various versions of the truth people tell in the early stages of a relationship. Set in the 1950s it tells the story of a chance meeting … It’s love at first sight! The person of your dreams! But will they feel the same? Once you tell the truth about yourself will you even be worthy of them? Do you take the plunge and reveal all? Or choose the dangerous alternative and tell them … All lies?!

All Lies will be directed by Alan Ayckbourn with design by Roger Glossop and casting to be announced in the spring. It will preview on 5 May before running from 6 - 21 May with tickets priced at £27 - concessions and a Dine Out option are available. Further details and bookings can be found on the theatre's website

This will be the first of two Alan Ayckbourn world premiere in 2022 with a second play to be announced in February by the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, which will also tour to The Old Laundry Theatre during the autumn.

Updated: 26 January 2022

Ayckbourn YouTube Launched by Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist

Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website is expanding again with a new YouTube channel dedicated to the playwright.

The playwright's Archivist and creator of his official website, Simon Murgatroyd, launched the new channel on the playwright's 82nd birthday on 12 April to further expand the reach of the website and to offer a new way to access its content.

"I'm very excited by the launch," said Simon Murgatroyd. "Whilst the website has almost 4,000 pages dedicated to Alan Ayckbourn, the YouTube channel will offer a new opportunity to present material about the playwright and, I hope, appeal to a new audience. I had the idea a couple of years ago, but it's taken furlough and Lockdown to inspire me to move ahead with it!"

The channel will feature original material as well as curated playlists of existing interviews with Alan Ayckbourn. The channel has launched with an original piece entitled 'Who is Alan Ayckbourn?' and future videos will look at different aspects of the playwright's long career in theatre as well as focusing on significant plays.

A regular feature, NewsRound, will also offer the latest news on Alan Ayckbourn, his writing and forthcoming productions.

The Alan Ayckbourn YouTube can be found

Simon Murgatroyd also relaunched his professional website on 12 April offering details about his work as Archivist, writer and public speaker. His website can be found at

Updated: 12 April 2021

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